Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice: A Two-Hour Consultation/Exploration
for People on Journeys of Self-Expression, Self-Actualization and Leadership.


Music is a Form of Truth-Telling
And a way for you to finally find your voice

Songs are healing.
Songs are creative prompts.
Songs are emotional experiences.
When we come across the right song, it becomes a mantra that reminds us of our truth.
We listen to it over and over as it becomes our song... Our truth. 

Songs have power.

They become the reminder of your truth.
Even more importantly: they can be the way you finally speak your truth.

Finding Your Voice is a critically important life skill for people who care about creating and relating.
  • It’s important for people who need to speak up for themselves and other people in relationships and in the world.
  • It’s important for people on a path of self-development and self actualization.
  • It’s important for creatives and entrepreneurs who need to articulate art, creative projects and entire businesses.
  • It’s important for musicians who are striving to create compositions that convey emotional landscapes and experiences.
  • It's important for songwriters to explore the depth of their stories through fluent vocal expression
  • A Finding Your Voice session can be valuable for you if you are striving to self-actualize and express yourself, fluidly -- in the moment in daily life, AND creatively in your work. 

It might seem a bit weird or counterintuitive to use singing and musicology and exercising your actual voice in order to speak up in your daily life, but that’s why it works. We circumvent the stories in your head and your resistances by using a practice that you’re unfamiliar with: musical voice training. 

You don’t have to know how to sing, you don’t even have to want to sing or like singing. We’re going to play with the process to unlock your power. Because that’s what your voice is. Your power.

You do this work so that you can start hearing yourself. 
So that you can express yourself in a way that feels right and aligned with your core values and who you are. 
So that you can show up as yourself, with yourself, and to yourself. 

A Finding Your Voice Session can also be valuable for you if you are a creative professional - writers, painters, even entrepreneurs! - grappling with creative block or writing block OR trying to resource your process with creative practices that get you into flow.

Again, you don’t have to know how to sing, want to sing, or even like singing. This is about harnessing the jolt of artistic novelty and metaphoric processing that always kickstarts your creative process.

  • You do this work so that you can gain momentum.
  • So that you can have a sounding board.
  • So that you can have another creative professional truly “hear” you and your vision. 
  • So that you can feel more effective in your work.
  • So that you can discover and make the little steps towards
  • bigger picture, and enjoy the process of discovery. 
  • You do this work so that your voice becomes you, and you become your voice
  • -- and then you use it in your life, your work, and the world. 

A Finding Your Voice session can be valuable for you if you are a musician trying to solve a problem, level up or fill a skill gap.  Maybe you’re in a band and playing playing an instrument but are now being called on to you want to skill-build your vocal instrument. Or maybe you can hear a composition in your head but literally lack the physiological voice skills to manifest those sounds. Or maybe you’re composing and want creative coaching and mentorship for a particular piece or a creative strategy for going forward. In these situations, a Finding Your Voice session can unlock the creative inspiration and resource you with some technical skills you need to create your next project or sound.

  • You do this work so that you can have the voice you want. 
  • So that you can express the emotion inside of you. 
  • So that you can sound like you. 
  • So that you can experience personal freedom of expression. 
  • So that you can give your project the voice it needs. 
  • So that you can sing your own songs. 
  • So that you can have more artistic control over your vision. 
  • So that you can bring a new level of authenticity to your writing. 
  • So that you can love the sound you create. 
  • So that you can feel confident in your artistic choices and convicted in a vision that is 100% you. 
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So.... In two hours, here’s what you get:

  • 1-1 Finding Your Voice coaching session via Zoom
  • Custom coaching with an ethnomusicologist and performing artist skilled at unlocking vocal expression and facilitating truth-telling
  • A prescription of personalized creative practices and tools you can use to access your creative flow and exercise your voice
  • An MP3 recording you can refer back to over and over again

A Finding Your Voice session can be a kickstart, giving you the inspiration and tools you need to speak your truth into the world
It can help you bring your artistic vision to life
It can help you connect with your body and your innate wisdom and then speak it into the world.
It equips you with the confidence to hear yourself - and know how to access that wiser voice inside of you.
It helps you find answers that are aligned with your values and artistic vision and then actualize them.
It helps you speak up in daily life, get creatively unblocked and staying in creative flow.

Finding Your Voice means building your own life-raft -- creatively, powerfully. 
Finding Your Voice transforms the experiences in your life into strength that you can share with the world. 
Finding Your Voice gives meaning to your hardships, move them up and outside of you instead of letting them burn a hole inside of you. 
Finding Your Voice means developing and accessing the techniques for comfortably expressing what you hear inside of you. 

Finding Your Voice builds more meaning into your life, deepens your sense of purpose and helps you be of service to others.

Find Your Voice. Sing your song. We need it.

Let’s find YOUR voice.