Hi! I'm Chelsea...

Artist. Composer. Vocal Coach. Mentor. Creative Engineer. Pursuer of Truth.

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you can read more about my qualifications here... but first, here's some context:

I believe that music is a way to express truth.

Sharing that authenticity – with sound: songs, beats, melodies, rhythms, textures, dissonance, and harmony -- can deepen our experiences and relationships. It can enrich our emotional landscape. It is a vehicle for expression. A tool to process emotion and transform pain into beauty.

Your music can transform lives with the sound of who you are. 

I use music as a truth-telling, reality-creating tool in my own art AND I use music as a way to guide others in speaking their truth and finding their voice.  

When I’m talking about "finding your voice", I mean that both metaphorically (creatively expressing yourself), and physiologically (the functional, musculoskeletal portion of the instrument). Those two systems work together and are inseparable in healthy expression of sound and emotion.  If you’re a new or developing musician, a skilled instrumentalist –or even if you don’t identify as a musician– I can help you develop your sense of self and purpose as an artist through the concept of "voice". I help you with the artistic, metaphoric side so that -whether you're writing music or poetry, plays, or creating soundscapes- you can express yourself deeply, with more freedom. Visual artists, dancers, photographers, filmmakers: you have a voice too.

I also work specifically with the physical (speaking and singing) voice so that you’re able to use it to communicate in a way that feels aligned with who you are. Whether you are giving a presentation, preparing for an interview, writing songs, doing voiceover work, performing in any vocal format - I can help you sound like YOU: the voice you hear and know exists... Your voice IS the sonic representation of who you are. 

The goal of my work a teacher/coach/mentor is to help developing and professional creatives cultivate a deeper, more meaningful -and aligned- relationship with their art.

The goal of my work as a musician is to heal and inspire.

My music is my truth.

My voice is who I am. 



Finding Your Voice is for you when you’re
ready to unleash your truth-telling in the world…

...either as a force for self actualization, healing, as a creative-trigger or in actual musical form.

Are you seeking to speak up, heal, and self-actualize?  When you’re willing to experiment with using your singing voice as a form of personal development, you begin to hear yourself. And when you can hear yourself, you can start to bring that truth into everything you do. Finding your voice aligns who you are with how you express yourself.

Are you an entrepreneur or a creative professional needing to access your inspiration and creative flow and get around your creative blocks? It might sound strange to associate “voice” with your work, but when you have a better sense of who you are and how you want to express yourself, that sense of “voice” translates into everything you do. The inner voice you have becomes clearer, and the outer voice you use strengthens the integrity of your vision. Finding your voice can get you out of your head (creative block) and back into your body (creative flow). 

Are you a musician just starting to write and compose?  Telling your story and expressing yourself through song is one of the most powerful ways we can show up as ourselves in the world. It is a vehicle to transform our pain into beauty. It is a way for us to take the hardships and make them into pillars of strength. Songs are our life-rafts. Finding your voice helps you build them.

Are you an experienced musician, performer, instrumentalist that feels held back by the technical facility of your voice? When you understand the physiological-emotional connection between specific muscle function and vocal timbre, you can begin to serve your songs with the depth and full range of emotion you wish to express. Finding your voice helps you feel comfortable with being heard.