Complicity - Zut Alors (Original soundtrack by Chelsea EdwardsonWINNER of the 2010 BEAC AWARD for VIDEO DRAMA!
Lester is a young man disillusioned with the absurdities of life and work. He is tempted to exploit the corruptions of wealthy society when he discovers an affair between a client’s sultry wife and her husband’s accountant. As his scheme proceeds, he finds himself embroiled in a series of increasingly bleak complications, from blackmail to murder. Consumed by paranoia, guilt and suspicion, Lester struggles to deal with the fatal consequences of his actions, ultimately forfeiting his life. This is a story of greed, pessimism, deception, and betrayal exploring the dark, amoral side of human nature. 

Shadow Hands - A Zut Alors Production (Original Music by Chelsea Edwardson) WINNER of the 2010 BEAC AWARD for VIDEO COMEDY! 
Charting the life and times of Jean-Michel Pissneau, world famous hand shadow puppeteer. From humble beginnings on a farm in Quebec, Jean-Michel rose to become the most celebrated entertainer of the 1960s and 1970s, until the pressures of fame and a tragic accident brought this once great artist to his knees. Now, filmmakers have discovered the whereabouts of this enigmatic man, bringing him from obscurity to share his fantastic voyage with the world.