• Official Release!

    After a lifetime of dreaming about it, I’m extremely excited, happy and proud to announce the official release of my first, self-produced album of original music. Dreams do come true!!! Start by watching the newest video and then come back to purchase the album online!!!!

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    I’ve been working 15 hours+ a day for 9 months finishing this project alongside my master’s degree and teaching. It feels incredible to have followed through on my biggest dream.

    In this message, I’d like to thank the many incredible artists who have helped make this dream come true. A tremendous THANK YOU and shout out to my amazi... [Click to continue]

    Launching soon!

    Hey Everyone! So excited. The Tell My Heart video is almost finished... actually it was finished a while ago but it went through a few mishaps! Files got corrupted and thankfully all the footage was ok as moving a piano into the forest was no easy feat! but we had to start from scratch again. I am working on two other videos but there's something about this video that has a special place in my heart. Perhaps the memory of being able to sing and play my heart out in the forest has something to do with it. That was such a fun day. I can't wait to share it with you all! Anyways, also excited to launch the CD itself. Obviously. Just finishing up this website stuff and then as soon as the v... [Click to continue]

    Website Fun

    So I'm sitting here with David Gilbar, who I must say is totally AWESOME. He's teaching me all this website stuff so that I can make this website a great place for y'all to come and hang out! If you're looking for a reliable, honest and professional graphic and web designer, check him out at www.davidgilbar.com. He will not only help you, but educate you on how to do it yourself, saving valuable hours of communication and dollars. Highly recommended. Peace out Homies! xoxo CeCe... [Click to continue]

    I'm back online!

    Hey Everybody! Great to see you again... I've been working hard over the past several months getting things together in order to share my music with you. Things are progressing and this website building has been a real adventure. I've created several websites and I'm finally committed to this one. Wahoo!!! Today I learned about changing DNS nameservers... which finally gave me the ability to be writing to you right now! This should move along a little more rapidly now... so keep on the lookout for new and exciting stuff! xoxo CeCe... [Click to continue]