Own Your Inner Artist

Own Your Inner Artist: A 9 Month Mentorship Program
for People on Journeys of Self-Expression, Self-Actualization and Leadership.


Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.
Own your inner artist and bring your truth into the world through your voice, and your vision.

When we share our art, we share who we are. 

Being unapologetically yourself by being an artist is two-fold: what you create heals you
and has the power to heal others through its interaction with the world. 

It is a symbol of truth. 

It is an instigator and a catalyst for the artist in all of us. 

When we own our inner artist, we share that bravery/boldness
with others and we encourage others to be themselves too. 

Our unique expression becomes more than the product. It becomes a creative prompt.
It becomes an example, and an inspirational force. A symbol of truth. 

Your art has power. 

It becomes the reminder and symbol of your truth.

Even more importantly: it can be the way you finally express your truth.

Your art is your ideas, your insight, the projects waiting to be born, the business wanting to bloom,
the book that needs to be written, the voice inside of you that wants to speak up.

(again, louder...) When we share our art, we share who we are. 

So by engaging our inner artist, we set ourselves free to express who we are and BE who we are…

...and do that thing you’ve been wanting to do.

This mentorship is for you when that’s what you’re seeking: a guided exploration and support to BE more of who you are so you can do the work that’s calling you.

It might be a business idea, the pull of a career change, songs, painting, a community project…

There is a calling. It’s calling you and you know you’re at the crossroads and you want to develop the capacity to answer it, fully.

That’s what owning your inner artist means. It means building the skill of self-awareness and self-expression so that you can be more of who you are and do what you’re born to do.

Owning your inner artist is a life skill for people who care about creating, relating, and contributing to our collective excellence and evolution.

It’s important for people who care about leading/influencing their communities and cultures. 
It’s important for people on a path of self-development and self actualization.
When you can see your vision clearly, you can take the steps to cultivate it.
It’s important for creatives and entrepreneurs who need to articulate and facilitate tangible expressions of their vision.
It’s important for musicians who are striving to bring the pieces together (the crumbs and the larger chunks) into cohesive, strong messages that fuel themselves in their interactions with the world / into projects that convey emotional landscapes and experiences.

Owning your inner artist can be a skill-building process that’s valuable for you if you are an entrepreneur striving to self-actualize and express yourself, fluidly -- in the moment in daily life, AND creatively in your work. It helps align your values with your actions, products and services. 

You don’t need to have it all together - in fact, that’s where we start, with the pieces. 

You do this work so that you can start seeing and hearing yourself. 
You do this work so you can get out of your own way to serve yourself and others.
You do this work so that you can take off the mask and show up as yourself. 
You do this work so that you can express yourself fully and freely with conviction. 
You do this work so that you can feel more direction and meaning in your life. 

Owning your inner artist can also be valuable for you if you are a creative professional with (or wanting) a leadership role in the community - writers, painters, even entrepreneurs who have a strong sense of wanting to contribute - finding your voice and your message and owning that vision helps you lead others in doing the same. Mentorship can help you get past the creative blocks and move into a cohesive vision and momentum -- one that’s not just sustainable but self-propelling.

Again, you don’t have to be perfect or fully in motion in your project  to start this work. Instead, my own-your-inner-artist mentorship process can help you get in the swing of things and propel your journey forward. We’ll work on technical and conceptual development to bring your vision to life. To bring your vision into your hands so you can hold and witness its power. 

You do this work so that you can gain momentum.
So that you can have a sounding board.
So that you can have another creative professional truly “hear” you and your vision. 
So that you can feel more effective and purposeful in your everyday actions.
So that you can discover and make the little steps towards bigger picture... enjoying the process of discovery. 

You do this work so that your art becomes you, and you become your art -- and then you leverage it in your life, your work, and the world. 

The process of owning your inner artist gives you the tools and consistent inspiration you need to speak your truth into the world, every day through who you are AND what you do. Bring your commitment and we will work together to deliver your art, your project, your voice or your business idea into the world in a way that feels 100% you....because,  art  IS  you. We will make sure that is clear in its expression. 

Over the course of 9 months, here’s what you get:

  • 18 one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Custom nine-month program to develop your unique project with an ethnomusicologist and artist development coach specializing in personal expression, production of artistic projects, vocal technique and truth-telling
  • MP3 recordings of all coaching calls that you can refer back to over and over again
  • A prescription of personalized creative practices and tools you can use to access your creative flow and exercise your physiological and metaphorical voice
  • A working Google Document Folder that we craft together to build and shape ideas, concepts, and your overall vision. This gives us a better view of the big picture so that we can find even more purpose and leveraging for what you do. 

During this process, I will be your biggest advocate and believer. I will be your sounding board. I will challenge you and ask you questions so that we can dig deeper. I am a carver of ideas. The assemblage of a soul’s purpose. I will listen for the themes between the lines. I will search for the story that is you that can give you the most unique leverage and diversification in this world of constant competition and evolving trades. A world of copies and blueprints. A world of machines able to replicate and duplicate. We will build your own place. You will have a life raft. And a soul home that you can always return to when everything else is spinning around and out of control. A place to calm your nerves when everything else is moving around you. You are stable inside of you because you have a purpose that is unmovable. That is what we will help you uncover and embrace in the process of owning your inner artist.

Owning your inner artist means building your own healing tools -- creatively, powerfully. 
Owning your inner artist transforms the experiences in your life into strength that you can share with the world. 
Owning your inner artist gives meaning to your hardships, move them up and outside of you instead of letting them burn a hole inside of you. 
Owning your inner artist means developing and accessing the art inside of you. It means owning who you are. 

Owning your inner artist builds more meaning into your life, deepens your sense of purpose and helps you be of service to others.

Find Your Voice. Share your vision. Own your inner artist. We need you. 

Let’s get to know YOUR inner artist.