Find Your Voice - 2-hour Session
Yes, you can lift your voice in the moment, when you need to. Yes, your perspective does matter. Yes, we need to hear from you.

For people on a path of self-actualization. For women who want to speak up and express themselves. For people who are healing and seeking catharsis and self-expression. For artists and musicians who feel like their voices have been thwarted or suppressed. For career creatives who want to tear down the creative blocks that are getting in the way of their best work (or any work at all!).

A Finding Your Voice session is a way to connect to your self, open your creative channels, decrease your own personal resistance to what you want to express, get in flow and pour it out.

2 hours via Zoom; lots of questions; radical contextualization + dot-connecting; guided exercises and experiments both physiological and emotional; a personal prescription of specific-to-you tools you can use to find your voice and use it, over and over again. $150

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Unleash Your Inner Artist - Nine-Month Mentorship
Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.

Bring your truth into the world -- with the artistry and technical skill you can hear in your head but haven’t yet developed. It CAN be done.

For creatives, songwriters and multi-disciplinary artists: bring your vision to life -- and do it innovatively and artfully, with more technical prowess, emotional depth and soul-level, truth-telling than you ever imagined.  

9 months, 18 sessions, we meet via Zoom, creative guidance and collaboration with a professional musician and musical scholar. Get the advanced musicianship and composition coaching + expertly guided creative self-development so that you can finally bring the project you’re hearing in your head to life. $1800 


Find Your Playlist, Find Your Voice  - Free 5-day email course
Let’s turn up the volume together and create soundscapes that fuel your environment. 

A super-quick, immersive, guided way to instantly activate the emotional experience, power state, or creative flow you want to experience. 5 days, 5 creative prompts or exercises, at least one playlist, unlimited creative potential.